Best in Slot Gears 5.4.8 for my Shadow Priest!

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Hi guys, So far everything is fine but I have been working so hard to acquire gears to improve my Priest not only my damage output but overall performance, we all know that Shadow priests are very gear dependent. So today, I just thought to share that I still need the following items as Best in Slot gear sets and where I can acquire them. Continue reading

Just a random guild rants…

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When i know that there’s a guild issues, I usually try to address it either to an officer or to the guild master directly. Especially when it comes to raiding progression. We all know Siege of Ogrimmar has been out for a while now and that at this point of time we all should be doing heroic runs or at least somehow have killed Garrosh already, and should know all the fights right? Continue reading

My First Legendary item! Yay!

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Hi Guys, It has been quiet around here, Due to that too was I have been working am shift at work now. Also, I’ve been trying to take advantage of running some LFR, Timeless quests, and Flex runs for valor cap when i have time in game especially when it was 100% bonus but it ended yesterday. Anyway, what I’m about to share today is my first legendary item. I know it was a long process but I made it since I started doing it 2 months ago. I got lucky to be able to acquire all those legendary tokens faster than others for there was a change 3 weeks ago for it that the drop rates is higher than before. Continue reading

Achievements, Progression & Change spec?

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Hi guys! I missed you all, sorry been very hectic this past two weeks with work being scheduled at am shift or pm shift definitely I needed some sleep after, which I also spend time with family during Mother’s Day weekend in San Francisco, CA and then I played and raided in World of Warcraft. First I like to thank you for still keeping up with me, as i noticed from my page views that even though have not posted anything for the past 2 weeks here you are still reading my old posts or just taking a peek. Also, I like to thank my new guildĀ <Turtle Herders> for really allowing me to play and raid with them full time, guild has also been helping me geared up and progress with them despite the fact I am still so behind with the gear content. So I am very thankful to all of you! For still letting me enjoy playing the game for sure. Continue reading

Frustrations in LFR…

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This past week I am very frustrated of what’s happening in LFR, I guess I can’t blame the game too because the fact that the server time is 3 hours difference than my local time. So every time i come home from work its already 11pm my time vs 2am server time unless it’s my day off which i do run LFR earlier than running it after work days. But anyway, compare the week before last week, It was okay. I guess since LFR been out for a while now, no one really cares for the gear drops out of this raid que. Continue reading