Raiding Updates: 25 Heroic Spoils Down!

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Hi guys, been a while since i posted my raiding updates. Anyway, after 2 weeks of trial and error. We finally One shot and killed 25 man Heroic Spoils down last night, it was just a perfect kill! Im so proud of our accomplishment 9/14 down already and hopefully before Warlords of Draenor we will still keep going to kill more. Go Go One Piece guild.  Continue reading

Guess what!? I’ve been Navispammed!

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So 2days ago i believed, Navimie sent me an in-game mail asking How i was doing? I was at my Rogue at that time. Like she mentioned in her post She wanted to have a chat with me, despite our busy day. We were still able to talk about raiding, guild stuff, pets! and even my latest mount i got from farming warbringers when we finally met in Westfall area outside of Stormwind city.  Continue reading

Guild Bank Business! Making Profit!

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Hi guys So, As of lately, besides me raiding every Tuesday through Thursday. I am starting to manage my time by selling profession mats, farming, and playing around auction house with my bank toon. My guildie Mamadragon also liked the idea of gaining profit for we got tired of borrowing each other’s limited gold. That being said, We came up to an idea to make use of our profession skills like mining, herbing, flask making, skinning, leatherworking, jewel crafter, and more.  Continue reading

Raiding Updates (8/14 25 H Progression) with my Priest!

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I just thought to share that I am so proud of myself since i came back playing this game around March this year. From working on my legendary cloak, and getting upgrades on my gears and counting. It was rocky and playing casual in various guild and end up joining a 10 man raiding guild, but then When i saw really improving and needed more to accomplish as a raider i join in a 25 man environment again which I am usually used to raid with back in past expansions. Continue reading

Best in Slot Gears 5.4.8 for my Shadow Priest!

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Hi guys, So far everything is fine but I have been working so hard to acquire gears to improve my Priest not only my damage output but overall performance, we all know that Shadow priests are very gear dependent. So today, I just thought to share that I still need the following items as Best in Slot gear sets and where I can acquire them. Continue reading